What is it?


the CoMaster – Competition Master – device is born

Son of the experience and of a skilled technical team, it introduces many improvements:

Larger and more visibile screen – 7 inches with Micro Transflective technology;

Resistive touchscreen – for maximum interactivity, even with gloves;

Additional side screens – to have all navigation data under control;

Briefing mode – to hand write comments on every note right as with paper;

Fast navigation – intuitive view of subsequent note’s informations.


Is born CoMaster 2.


Metallic cover, also on the front  – for a better protection, from any hit caused by the rider

Roadbook editor – to draw, free hand, and to verify draft Roadbook

Single interface connector – for a quicker and safer connection to the bike. More robust and easier.

New wheel constant auto-calibration system – for a more precise and simple wheel constant calibration

…much much more…