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Due to the quality standards imposed to the system, after laboratory tests, we chose to undergo severe tests and many competitive championship circuits (Italian motorally, Serres Rally, Albania Rally, etc.).

During that period, the “Beta Riders” pilots verified the strenght of the system and they refined the functionality improving the usability of the system.


Orders can be placed writing to info@comaster.net.

• The delivery time must be agreed when the order is placed.
• To confirm the order, it’s necessary to anticipate the 50% of it’s value.
• Indicated prices are without VAT or other taxes
• These conditions can be modified via an explicit communication.
• To add new features, after first purchase, the instrument must return to the head office in Italy

Price list

CoMaster2 Base (No optionals)

N1601 CoMaster2 Basic (no optionals) € 1.200,00

CoMaster2 Full-optionals (all optionals indicated below)

N1602 CoMaster2 Full-optionals € 1.800,00

Optionals (not included in CoMaster2 basic)

O1501 Auto-calibration wheel constant € 100,00
O1601 NEW* Roadbook editing mode € 500,00
O1502 Extended note and proximity bar € 100,00
O1602 NEW* Time check menu € 150,00
O1503 Dynamic wheel coefficient modification € 50,00

Accessories (not included in CoMaster2 basic nor full)

A1501 Extra wheel probe € 40,00
A1502 12V rectifier control unit € 200,00
A1504 Manouver mounting brackets € 120,00
A1601 NEW* GPS compass and cap reader € 300,00

*Availability to be agreed